Torii Relic Finished

The Torii Gate Relic is a decoration that can be built with materials. After built it gives a permanent Energy-icon +3 max energy.

NOTE: In order for the bonus to be effective the Relic must be fully built and placed on the isle otherwise the bonus will not apply.


Materials used for building (Total used in 4 stages):


Stage 1
Torii Gate Stage 1-icon
Metal-iconx1 Glue-iconx1 Aqua Vitae-iconx1 Fire-iconx1 Dye-iconx1
Stage 2
Torii Gate Stage 2-icon
Metal-iconx2 Glue-iconx2 Aqua Vitae-iconx2 Fire-iconx2 Dye-iconx2
Stage 3
Torii Gate Stage 3-icon
Metal-iconx3 Glue-iconx3 Aqua Vitae-iconx3 Fire-iconx3 Dye-iconx3
Stage 4
Torii Gate Stage 4-icon
Metal-iconx4 Glue-iconx4 Aqua Vitae-iconx4 Fire-iconx4 Dye-iconx4