Tiki Isles IV Information
Tiki Isles IV map
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Continent Tiki Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 17 - 21
Extra Requirements Nothing
Islands Kona Coast
Desolate Land
The Great Palm
King's Gauntlet
Deep Waters
The Long Reef
Wipeout Beach
Tenacious Isle
Tiki Isles III
Tiki Isles IV
Tiki Gold Rush

Tiki Isles IV is the fourth map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure Table Edit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Replay
Kona Coast Royal Tableware-iconHula Outfit-iconLost Fine Art-icon XP-icon 145 Map Fragment 30 Reward treasurechest 35 Level 18
Desolate Land The Lost Adventuress-iconFamous Diamonds-iconChess Pieces-icon XP-icon 195 Map Fragment 40 Reward treasurechest 42 Level 19
The Great Palm Tiki Masks-iconCoral Jewelry-iconTreasures of Egypt-icon XP-icon 220 Map Fragment 45 Reward treasurechest 62 Level 20
King's Gauntlet Sailing Instruments-iconRoyal Garb-iconSharktooth Necklaces-icon XP-icon 110 Map Fragment 20 Reward treasurechest 27 Level 20
Deep Waters Puka Shells-iconCoral Jewelry-iconSharktooth Necklaces-icon XP-icon 85 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 20 Level 17
The Long Reef Koa Wood Statues-iconLuau Artifacts-iconHistorical Sculptures-icon XP-icon 90 Map Fragment 20 Reward treasurechest 20 Level 18
Wipeout Beach Jeweled Birds-iconTreasure Remnants-iconAlepoi's Beach Gear-icon XP-icon 80 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 15 Level 17
Tenacious Isle Famous Diamonds-iconLuau Artifacts-iconChess Pieces-icon XP-icon 70 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 19 Level 21