Poseidon Relic Finished

The Poseidon Relic is a Relic Building which can be constructed on the Home Island using Materials. One Poseidon Relic is offered to the player for free, but more can also be purchased at the Store. When construction is complete, the player can click on the Relic to collect a daily bonus. This bonus is available every 20 hours.


Poseidon Relic Base
Poseidon Relic-icon
A secret from Atlantis with daily rewards!
Coins As Item-icon 500

Aqua Vitae-icon 10 Aqua Vitae
Dye-icon 10 Dye
Marble-icon 10 Marble
Metal-icon 10 Metal

Oil-icon 10 Oil


Stage 1
Poseidon Relic 1
Aqua Vitae-iconx1 Dye-iconx1 Marble-iconx1 Metal-iconx1 Oil-iconx1
Stage 2
Poseidon Relic 2
Aqua Vitae-iconx2 Dye-iconx2 Marble-iconx2 Metal-iconx2 Oil-iconx2
Stage 3
Poseidon Relic 3
Aqua Vitae-iconx3 Dye-iconx3 Marble-iconx3 Metal-iconx3 Oil-iconx3
Stage 4
Poseidon Relic 4
Aqua Vitae-iconx4 Dye-iconx4 Marble-iconx4 Metal-iconx4 Oil-iconx4

Gifts from the Poseidon RelicEdit

  • Orange Gem-iconGreen Gem-iconRed Gem-iconPurple Gem-iconBlue Gem-icon
  • Kiwi-iconBanana-iconMango-iconCoconut-iconPineapple-icon
  • Golden Ticket-icon
  • Map Fragment-iconMap Fragment-iconx5
  • Energy Capsule-icon