Nexus Relic Finished-icon

The Nexus Relic is a decoration that can be built with materials. After built it gives a permanent Energy-icon +3 max energy. The energy boost is applied automatically given that the Nexus is fully built and placed on the isle.

NOTE: Selling or storing the relic will remove the boost on the max energy.


Materials used for building (total used on 4 stages):


Stage 1
Nexus Stage 1-icon
Rock-iconx1 Nails-iconx1 Rope-iconx1 Cloth-iconx1 Gears-iconx1
Stage 2
Nexus Stage 2-icon
Rock-iconx2 Nails-iconx2 Rope-iconx2 Cloth-iconx2 Gears-iconx2
Stage 3
Nexus Stage 3-icon
Rock-iconx3 Nails-iconx3 Rope-iconx3 Cloth-iconx3 Gears-iconx3
Stage 4
Nexus Stage 4-icon
Rock-iconx4 Nails-iconx4 Rope-iconx4 Cloth-iconx4 Gears-iconx4