Mayan Isles IV Information
Mayan Isles IV map
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Continent Mayan Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 32 - 36
Extra Requirements Nothing
Islands Three Pools
Silent Forest
Winding Way
Three of Life
Five Challenges
Branched Path
Buggy Bog
Mayan Gold Rush
Mayan Isles IV
Cities of the Sun

Mayan Isles IV is the eighth map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure TableEdit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Chests Replay Cost Requirements
Three Pools Ancient Containers-iconGod Statues-iconMayan Jewelry-icon XP-icon 130 Map Fragment 20 Level 32
Branched Path Ancient Containers-iconGod Statues-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 175 Map Fragment 55 Cash 18 cash
Silent Forest Royal Furniture-iconGod Statues-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 35 `+/- 8 Map Fragment 5 Level 33
Buggy Bog Royal Furniture-iconGrand Feast Preparations-iconShipwreck Loot-icon XP-icon 140 Map Fragment 45 Coins 2500 coins
Five Challenges Royal Furniture-iconGrand Feast Preparations-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 140 Map Fragment 45 Cash 10 cash
Winding Way The Lost Hunter-iconGrand Feast Preparations-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 100 Map Fragment 15 Level 35
Tree of Life The Lost Hunter-iconCeremonial Items-iconKingly Treasure-icon XP-icon 75 +/- 36 Map Fragment 10 Level 36