Kiwi Menagerie Finished-icon

The Kiwi Menagerie is a decoration that can be built with materials. After built, it gives daily gifts (every 20 hours).


Materials used for building (total used on 4 stages):
Aqua Vitae-icon 10 Aqua Vitae
Rock-icon 10 Rock
Planks-icon 10 Planks
Seeds-icon 10 Seeds
Rope-icon 10 Rope


Stage 1

Stage 2
Kiwi Menageire stage 1-icon Kiwi Menageire stage 2-icon
Aqua Vitae-iconx1 Rock-iconx1 Planks-iconx1 Seeds-iconx1 Rope-iconx1 Aqua Vitae-iconx2 Rock-iconx2 Planks-iconx2 Seeds-iconx2 Rope-iconx2

Stage 3

Stage 4
Kiwi Menageire stage 3-icon Kiwi Menageire stage 4-icon
Aqua Vitae-iconx3 Rock-iconx3 Planks-iconx3 Seeds-iconx3 Rope-iconx3 Aqua Vitae-iconx4 Rock-iconx4 Planks-iconx4 Seeds-iconx4 Rope-iconx4

Gifts from Kiwi Menagerie Edit

  • Kiwi-iconMango-iconPineapple-icon
  • Kiwi Taffy-icon
  • Fire Dig-iconx2