Gardening is a way for the player to get more Energy. Players can plant seeds for different types of Fruit.

Available SeedsEdit

Raspberry seeds-icon Strawberry seeds-icon Watermelon seeds-icon Pineapple seeds-icon
Bubblefruit Seeds-icon Passionfruit seeds-icon Dragonfruit seeds-icon

Note: Bubblefruit Seeds no longer yield Bubblefruit. They now yield 1 Oxygen Bottle.

About Garden PlotsEdit

Every player initially has two Garden Plots. More Garden Plots may be purchased at the Store for Cash 100 cash or earned as a Rare reward for completing Fire God Mountain, Monkey Palace or playing the Monkey Nut game. They can even be found in Red Locked Chests. Garden Plots are also available as Trade-in Rewards for seasonal events.

Garden Plot-icon

Fruit TreesEdit

Like Garden Plots, Fruit Trees can be harvested every day and yield Fruit.

Banana Tree-iconChristmas Banana Tree-iconBubbleplant-icon