Fruit is just one category of Energy replenishing item. Using Fruits is the best way to assure a stable source of Energy.

  • Players can send various Fruits to friends as Gifts.
  • Players can find Fruits while digging for Treasures. It can be found anywhere on any Islands available in the game. There are no fixed locations to find them.
  • You can find Fruit by using the Wishing Well. Often this fruit comes in packs of 3 or more.
  • By completing special maps, you are often awarded packs of normal fruit, and sometimes you can get special fruit usable only on that map.
  • Side games like Monkey Nut often yields fruit, as do special Chests that you can find while playing.

Available FruitsEdit

While fruit is just one category of Energy, it comes in many forms.

Normal FruitEdit

Normal Fruit is often harvested from Garden Plots or found in various ways while digging. These fruits include Kiwis, Bananas, Mangoes and a few others. Normal fruit has an expiration date, represented as a number of days or hours left before it expires. Once a fruit has expired, it must be "toss"ed.

Golden FruitsEdit

Golden fruit looks like normal fruit except that its gold. Golden fruit behaves just like its normal version, but has no expiration date. Golden fruits can be stored in your inventory indefinitely, so you can save them for Events that you want to finish quickly.

Special FruitsEdit

Special fruits behave differently than normal fruit. Two notable special fruits are the Lava Mango and Lava Pineapple which can only be used while in Fire God Mountain. These two fruits give 5 more energy than their normal counterparts and do not expire.

Other special fruits include seasonal items. Season items are available only during special seasonal Events. Two examples are Ghost Apple and Blood Orange which were only available during the 2010 Halloween Event.

List of FruitEdit

A complete list of all energy related fruit items can be found on the Energy page.