Dragon Sailboat

The Dragon Sailboat can be built with materials. Dragon Sailboat is a must for any adventurer who would like to dig for treasures at the map called Dream Isles which is located in the Asian Isles. This is because the 6 isles (Ninja Shrine, Ninja Training, Happy Uzumaki, Happy Pastures, Monster Isle and Green Gargantuan) in Dream Isles are unlocked by voyages that requires this vehicle. Voyages on the Dragon Sailboat take 20 actions for a total of Energy-icon 300 energy, crew members are hired for a period of 72 hours.


Before construction the frame must be prepared, it takes 4 actions costing 5 energy each.

Dragon Sailboat Stage 1-icon Dragon Sailboat Stage 2-icon Dragon Sailboat Stage 3-icon Dragon Sailboat Stage 4-icon


Materials used for building: